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My Second Year Growing Organic Sweet potatoes, by Ian A. Reid (PDF size 3Mb).


Garden Guide The Community Gardening Network Garden Guide, by Just Foods Ottawa; excellent resource.

Nepean Allotment Garden Association's Unwanted Weeds List A list of all the weeds that need to be removed from the gardens as soon as they appear.

George Bushell's gardening and yard care slides ( George Bushell is the president of the Gloucester community garden. He puts on presentations on garden and yard care including pest control and seed starting. 

Tomato Staking Compendium ( A review of many different tomato staking methods. Choose the one that works for you.

Vegetable gardening: Companion plants (video)

Organic Gardening - Top Ten Tips / How to grow vegetables (video)

Tomato Diseases (video)

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