Important News from our latest email:
  •  Do not dump your garden refuse over the back fence, or any other location on or off NAGA property. 
    • Compostables can be dug into your plot, left on the surface of your plot, or brought home for green bin/yard waste pickup by the City. 
    • Non compostable  garden refuse must be brought home for disposal.  There is no garbage pickup at the garden.
    • Garden sticks, stakes, cages etc. you are planning on using again next year can be stored in the winter storage area.  See our map if you are not sure where this is. 
    • Dumping garden refuse is against City Bylaws, is an eyesore and creates ideal brush fire conditions as it dries out.  Do not endanger our good relationship with our neighbours and the City of Ottawa.
  • Water shut off for this season will be October 18th or first frost, whichever comes first.
  • NAGA will be collecting your donations of produce for the food bank at the Debra Dynes family house this Sunday from 8am-5pm.  There will be a box by the sheds.  Food collection will continue every Sunday until the water is shut off

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Viewmount Drive at Onondaga Court (between Merivale Rd. and Fisher Ave.)


About Us

The Nepean Community Gardens were created in 1991 and they are the the third largest community gardening site in Ottawa. We have over 200 plots and almost 150 gardeners. The plots are available from May 15 - October 31. Interested gardeners are encouraged to contact NAGA to register as the waiting list is an average of more than two (2) years for annuals, and more than three (3) years for perennials. 

We have two types of plots available.  Full annual plots are 20 ft by 30 ft, and are rototilled each spring.  Perennial plots are 20 by 15 ft and are entirely maintained by the gardener renting them. Recently we have implemented Raised/Wood Boxes (4 by 12 ft) for gardening.

NAGA By-laws

Terms and Conditions of License

If you are interested in the history of the NAGA Gardens, check the three-part document that avid gardener Ian A. Reid, compiled.

NAGA was recognized for Garden Volunteers Recognition Ceremony on June 11, 2014 at City Hall. We invite you to see the certificate received

Are you interested in renting a NAGA garden?

We're currently full. To get on our waiting list, please e-mail the board at with your full name, full address, and telephone number. Plots are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. We currently have a lengthy waiting list (1-3 years) so if you refuse two offers, your name will be removed from the list to give someone else a chance. We look forward to gardening with you in the future!

Contact us:

Nepean Allotment Garden Association (NAGA) P.O. Box 65073 Merivale P.O. Ottawa, ON  K2G 5Y3


2021-2022 Executive

Position Contact
Chair Amanda Lancaster
Secretary Kim Klaussen

 Ruth Qi

Maintenance Director Blake Leminski
Registrars (2)

 DInesh Katuru

Director-at-Large Dengyi Wang
Director-at-Large Cally Chornenky

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